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The QConsole class is a custom widget that implements a basic console, completely written in C++ and relying on Qt (both 3.x & 4.x). It implements several features and is intended to be inherited from in order to have a "real" console for a specific scripting language, shell, etc... The class relies as much as possible on the features offered by QTextEdit (from which it inherits) and this implied a very simple and light code.

QtclConsole inherits from QConsole and emulates a TCL shell in a Qt application. So basically, the user is able to execute any TCL built-in command and also any other user-defined commands created using the TCL C-API. These commands should represent all the features of a given application, so the user will be able to execute them using the GUI and also in the embedded TCL shell. This is very useful in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) field where most of the tools are using TCL scripting and Qt as well.

The qtclconsole sample application shows how to embed the QtclConsole widget in a main window. It is composed of  the Tcl implementation (qtclconsole.h, qtconsole.cpp), some custom Tcl commands (commands.h and commands.cpp), the commands class manager (commandsManager.h and commandsManager.cpp) and the main.cpp file. 

QPyConsole inherits from QConsole and implements a Python shell in a Qt application, similar to QtclConsole. The qpyconsole sample application shows how to use the QPyConsole class in a qt application. For a real world application, one would of course extend the embedded Python interpreter with a complete API of the application that is to be made scriptable.

Some screenshots are available (TCL and Python).


File releases as well as subversion access is provided by sourceforge. The latest release is qconsole 2.0.


QtclConsole specific features

QpyConsole specific features

QpyQconsole adds the capability to use an embedded python interpreter in a C++ Qt application. The features of QConsole are all available including history, command completion (through the use of rlcompleter), etc.
Custom Python commands are available to communicate with the console widget:


Version 2.0 (releases March 23, 2006)

Version 1.1 (released November 30, 2005)

Version 1.0 (released July 29. 2005)